Sometimes you want to unwind and experience well-being and joy! Other times you’re ready to explore new possibilities and more of what you love! That’s what Unwind + Explore is all about.

2nd Annual

Unwind + Explore Retreat

April 27-29, 2018

Unwind + Explore TV

(Online): This half hour weekly show celebrates small steps that make a big difference. Coming to you from and hosted by Jeanne McElvaney, it keeps you connected to facilitators and their wisdom. Watch here by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and finding the Unwind + Explore archive.

Imagine having a cup of coffee with two friends who love to talk about different ways to feel good and empowered! It’s a lively, joyful, conversation. You feel included, but mostly you get to sit back and listen to a discussion that gives you a new perspective. You get to unwind! You get to explore! You get to imagine more!  Read the transcript from the introductory show

Our Mission

We want to be your personal empowerment resource and shine the light on
mind/body/spirit facilitators who care about your journey.