May didn’t really think of herself as wiccan, but she had long been fascinated by many aspects of modern paganism. For her, it was a way of connecting to nature. She especially loved the special nights when the moon was full and the sky was clear.

Two weeks after her collage class, weather reports promised a cloudless night for the full glow of the moon, and May wanted to go beyond her usual ritual. It seemed the perfect opportunity to encourage the shine she felt every time she worked on her collage. Normally, she sat in the moonlight and slipped into conscious gratitude. She called on the beams to pass through her eyes and fill her body. Her ritual focused on the healing light traveling throughout her being.

Our rituals, so very personal and powerful, are threads weaving our journey with intention. They urge us forward and connect us to others. They give us a moment to remember our inner world. Rituals are pauses in busy days filled with routines and habits.

Since her class, May had been going to her art room only now and then. She wanted to continue what she’d learned, but it was still a struggle to feel alright about using her time that way. It made her feel self-conscious because there was no purpose beyond her joy and creative exploration. Like Cinderella, May felt more comfortable cleaning the fireplace than attending the ball.

Releasing negative influences was at the heart of the little rituals she had learned in her journey with wicca. Sometimes she lit a candle and released as she blew it out. She let go of unwanted influences as she pulled weeds in her garden. This night, May was going to add another element to her monthly ritual. She had pulled out a favorite bowl thinking she would fill it with water and capture the moon beams. Then she’d leave the bowl in her art… letting it call to her… a gentle invitation to spend time creating.

May knew it would help because the symbolism resonated for her. The bowl of moonlight water would remind her to release old chatter and embrace the shine she was seeking.

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