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Four Small Steps:
1. Embrace your emotional wound.
2. Identify your healing beliefs.
3. Choose a placebo to use in your healing.
4. Tell a friend about an Empowering Moment you’ve experienced.

Quote for the Day: “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” Dr. Seuss

Learn More About Ann:
Reiki & Light Within Session – Balance your body, mind and spirit. Promote healing and pain reduction. Find calmness. Release energies that no longer serve you to find balance in your life.
1 hour $60
Home energy cleansing and blessing – Remove stagnant negative energies trapped and residing in your home.  I use Reiki, white sage and singing bowls as well as smoke free options when necessary.  I also instruct you how to continue cleansing your house in the future.
1 hour $70
Crystal Grid Sessions – Crystal grids are fabulous energetic tools of focus for healing and manifesting desired outcomes. This class is an introduction to gain the information you need to feel comfortable and confident in building grids.

Phone: 509-860-3647
Email: annenergytransitions@gmail.com

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