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Four Small Steps:

1. Practice clearing your inner chatter.
2. Use color associations to know yourself better.
3. Notice what you do that is different than what others do.
4. Appreciate your unique self to encourage your Empowering Moments.

Quote for the Day: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Dr. Seuss

More About Sara:

Sara likes to help others get “unstuck” through transformational art processes. She’s passionate about taking people to that “very me” feeling. More information about Sara: momonsterlove.org

Classes Sara offers: Drawing, Paper Mache, Intuitive Art
Call: 509-679-7372
Email: sara@monsterlove.org

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Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce Winterfest in January 2018
“Ignite Changes Using Energy” – my book is filled with my small steps / Signed copies at Spirals
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