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Four Small Steps:

1. Imagine walking through a door into the change you want.
2.  Work with your body and eat consciously when you’re under stress.
3. Remember symptoms are the language our body uses to share its wisdom.
4. Let an Empowering Moment guide your choices.

Quote for the Day: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Einstein

What Was That on the Desk?
This Shambhala healing meditation tool is another online offering from Spirals.

Culinary Medicine at the Wellness Garden:

Tara is originally from the Chelan valley but has been living in Cork, Ireland for the past 9 years. She is excited to be home this summer to share her skills with the community. Tara is a Nutritional Therapist and the director of Root Health Nutrition, specializing in digestive health, autoimmune disorders and chronic disease. She co-founded the FoodRemedy, the leading culinary medicine cooking in Ireland inspiring wellness through whole foods that nourish the body and mind.

Tara is enthusiast about culinary medicine; blending the art of cooking with nutritional science and trusts that using nutrition as a tool strengthens the client’s innate response to heal.

This summer Tara will be offering culinary medicine classes from Wellness Garden in Lake Side. The classes can be taken as a once-off, but together they create a unique 5 week program which introduces step-by-step tools to improve overall health through the application of the Five “R” Framework used in functional medicine: Remove, Replace, Repair, Reinoculate and Rebalance. The program is designed as a whole to assist individuals in taking charge of their own health providing a foundation of knowledge to seek out the root cause of disease and utilize food as a tool to achieve optimal health.

All classes include live food preparation demos, generous tasters, information sharing, and discussion around the health topic of the day. Each participant will receive a collection of recipes and a list of pantry essentials.

The classes are suitable for any individual interested in health and nutrition whether you are a complete beginner or a health professional wanting to introduce healthy food preparation and support into their business.

For the complete list of classes, please visit the FoodRemedy Blog

Emai: tara@thefoodremedy.org
Phone: 509-668-2693.

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