It was the day of the collage class, and May woke up with her stomach in a turmoil. She suspected it was a touch of the flu or a reaction to the crab she’d eaten the night before, but wondered if it was nerves. She got out of bed suspended in a moment of subconscious choice… succumb to feeling too ill to attend the class… or rally, push through, and show up.

Our bodies are amazing in responding to our deepest needs. Without judgment, it gives us what we need to feel safe, empowered, and loved.

May had been determined to ignite her creativity with the class at 1:00, but her entrenched feelings were stronger. They were there to protect her from going to an experience that might possibly leave her feeling exposed and vulnerable. While she saw herself ready to jump into her possibilities, her body had stepped forward with the wisdom of a caring parent. Fully connected to her dreams, passion, potential, wishes, personal spirit, fears, doubts, shame, and beliefs, it had given her a good reason to avoid the class.

Sitting with a cup of soothing licorice tea, May chose to keep seeking the shine in her world. She was going to be at that class! First, she soothed her body with promises: ‘we’ll leave if we don’t feel better, we’ll get a mocha coffee on our way home, we’ll take a lovely, long bath before we go.’

It was an excellent beginning!

Next, she honored her body. Finishing her tea and stepping into the bath, she acknowledged it for offering her a way out. She recognized it wasn’t trying to stop her from growing but was, instead, an ally just in case she was too scared to move forward. May appreciated her body. Even thanked it!

Then, lying in warm water, she reassured her body. Gently moving her hands across the water, she talked about being truly ready for the adventure waiting for her at The MAKER Space. She mentioned the ladies who seemed so welcoming and encouraging. She confirmed the time was right and asked, “If not now, when?” She reconnected to herexcitement about spending time in her new “art studio”.

As May floated in relaxed time, her imagination began feeding her with delightful, delicious ideas for collage. She said to her body, “Look what we could do if keep stepping forward?” Enthusiasm buzzed like honeybees in a lush, springtime garden, and her distressed stomach eased up. Then it went away.

Talking to our body is powerful!

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