Magic is right here. Right now. All the time. We experience it daily, but don’t name it because we become accustomed to the different ways we manifest the wonderful in our life with these little miracles.

I fumble and fail when using my best logic to crop a photo on my computer. Sherry sits down to figure it out and calls on the familiar magic she uses with computers. She doesn’t call it magic, but it is. It’s the amazing way the energy field spontaneously manifests computer solutions for her because of what she thinks, feels, and believes about the experience.

Some wonder how BeverLi and Patty did what few believed possible: creating an exciting and successful mind~body~spirit store in Chelan. They turned to their magic and that made all the difference. They didn’t look at other retail businesses to chart their path. They relied on their beliefs. They let their feelings guide them. They bounced their thoughts off each other, keeping them in line with their passion.

All of us turn to magic in some facets of our lives and forget it’s there for every single thing we want. When I’m working on my computer, I forget to tap into the magic that is right there, but magic automatically flows through me when I’m writing or working with energy. I know it’s there. I lean into it. I trust it. I count on it showing up every single time.

Old Thinking has us believing that ‘getting what we want’ is about cause and effect. It encourages us to connect to a desire, plot a course, and take action step-by-step. There’s nothing wrong with that path. We can often get to our destination that way. But it’s not the only path and, sometimes, it’s not the right path.

When we keep trying and getting nowhere, when we find ourselves traveling in frustrating circles, we can be sure it’s not the right path! It’s time to take the magical path. And it’s right here.

In the quantum energy field, miracles are normal. Spontaneous remission. Unexpected bonuses. Running into a long-lost friend. Meeting our soulmate. Creating a metaphysics store, having routine computer successes, letting words flow. These are set in motion by what each of us thinks, believes, and feels about that particular piece of our life.

At this time in my journey, I see that I’m not calling on the magic in one area of my life. I’ve assumed I had to travel the linear path. I’ve forgotten to turn to the right where a well of energy potential is waiting for me. It’s right there. And when I reach into this well of possibilities to remember the amazing way I can manifest my desire, magic will happen.

Jeanne McElvaney ~ author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy”