It was the first day of spring, and May was on pins and needles as she made coffee in the early morning darkness. She checked the Weather Channel on her phone, hoping rain or wind had come in during the night. But Mother Nature was celebrating the day with sunshine and calm. Weather wasn’t going to offer a good excuse to cancel her plans with the three women who had invited May to go kayaking.

During the third collage class, conversation had flowed into different ways each students found ideas for their work. When Chelsey mentioned kayaking, a bubble of excitement had ultimately created plans to share the quiet time that inspired her. May hadn’t hesitated back then, but stepping into something new had dimmed her enthusiasm.

May was feeling the uncertainty of joining an unknown ‘tribe’.

We all have many tribes. Every small and large grouping of people that share our lives is a tribe, and each one offers a connection to others who reflect the different ways we define ourselves. Many of our tribes have been there ‘forever’. Some slowly evolved over time. Only when we choose to change, do we consciously open up to a new tribe.

Today wasn’t just about kayaking for May. It was making her feel like she was asking the other kids on the school playground if she could join their game of tag. Just like the little girl inside her, May was feeling the uncertainty of stepping into an established group that would very naturally have unspoken expectations and established interactions. The promise of fun was the drum beat that called, but a full band of uncertainties was just as loud.

Sipping her coffee as the sun caught the tips of the mountains in the distance, May chose to listen to the drum beat. She chose to explore being part of a new tribe.

Changes in our lives don’t become solid until we find a tribe that shares the shift we are seeking. When we’re ready to shine, we need to be around others who are thinking, talking, and feeling the same way. We need to know we’re not alone in our endeavor, whatever that may be.

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Jeanne McElvaney
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