A Conversation About Eating More Plant-Based Foods
60 Min. Lunch Session


Anne Arthur
Quick Wok / 980 E Woodin

Lunch Included!

We are at a time when so many of us are awakening to the benefits of including more whole plant-based foods in our daily diet.  If this topic is of interest to you, please come and join us for a lunch conversation at Quick Wok.

Whether you are new to this topic or already well along the path or someone who has experienced life-changing benefits from including more whole plant-based food in your diet all are welcome.

A gluten-free vegetarian* meal including organic edamame and organic numi tea will be served. We will also sample Jamu (a turmeric-ginger health elixir) and dark chocolate.

We will open our circle with introductions and you can optionally share where you are in your journey. Our intention is to create a space for conversation and your questions and contributions are welcome. 

We will close our circle on time so those who need to leave may do so and anyone who wants to stay a little longer can.

*if you need anything different from a gluten-free vegetarian meal, we are happy to accommodate most special diets including vegan. Please let Anne know. 

For more information: http://www.quickwokchelan.com/location-and-contact

We look forward to seeing you.


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Enjoy an inspiring and encouraging conversation while eating delicious food… what a way to bring the Unwind+Explore weekend to a close ~ Jeanne

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Sunday at 12:15