Answers From the Energy Field
90 Min. Session


Chevy, Shannon, Jeanne ~ Energy Detectives
Spirals / 215 E Woodin

Do you have something in your life you keep wondering about? We’d love to share a playful, profound adventure that is sure to bring insights that will nurture you. Or… if you want to simply witness energy detectives at work, you’re welcome to join us and be an honorable witness.

Jeanne McElvaney is the author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy” Each participant will receive an autographed, complimentary copy of her newly launched novel, “Light in the Shadows”. 

Through a character-rich mystery, the reader will explore ways to tap into energy to find answers.” LM

For more information: contact Jeanne

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Shannon, Chevy, and I will give you an energy adventure you’ll not forget. You’ll leave with empowering insights… knowing there is a different way to solve life problems ~ Jeanne


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Saturday at 1:45