Jim’s Amazing Do-It-Yourself Probiotic Elixir-Maker Kit
2 Hour Session


Jim McElvaney
235 W Allen

$20 / can be applied to purchase of a kit

All participants will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a kit / $100 value / Drawing is at 6:00 Friday

Stop disbyosis… pain and discomfort caused by an imbalance in our microbiota! Change your gut and change your life.

What makers and users are saying since they’ve been using the elixir:
Stopped my chronic sinusitis ~ rc
Stopped sore throat and cough ~ mn
Eliminated rashes and eczema ~ rg
Used as a deodorant ~ km
Eliminated swollen, painful ankles and knees ~rr
Stopped diabetic nerve pain ~ rg
Eliminated neck pain and made movement easier ~ kk
Healed a chronic thigh wound ~ art
Cleared hemorrhoids ~ ar
Stopped chronic nausea from an operation 4 years ago ~ jl
Stopped my acid reflux ~ kk
Cleared my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) ~ c
Cleared my diverticulitis ~ jg

We can change our gut for the better using prebiotics and growing billions of probiotics to diversify and improve it.

During this session, you’ll have a chance to talk to Jim about what’s bothering you… or a friend or family member. You’ll learn all about the Do-It-Yourself probiotic elixir-maker kit. How to start. What to do. How to use it.

A do-it-yourself Probiotic Kit lets each of us produce billions of live Probiotics at home, on our kitchen counter, for use on a daily basis to add to the balance of our microbiome.

The Maker Kit comes ready to start-up by filling it with clean water and plugging in the air pump. Your session fee of $20 may be applied to the cost of purchasing a Kit. Individuals, Couples, Friends, and Family are welcome!

For more information: 509-280-9296


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Stronger nails, pain relief, experiencing feel-good days, sinisitis relief… Jim keeps hearing about exciting life changes from people using his life probiotic maker ~ Jeanne

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Friday at 10:00, Friday at 12:00, Friday at 2:00, Friday at 4:00