Empower Your True Self!
90 Min. Class


Liz Tanke
Spirals / 215 E Woodin

Your complete self includes everything that is beautiful and healthy for YOU! Learn how to embody your empowered true Self by managing your own energetic space and boundary, and clearing self-defeating patterns. With simple practices and meditations, Liz will gently guide you to a new sense of yourself.

Your homework… bring a journal or notepad to this session with the following notes:
1. Consider and make note of some things that help you feel most secure, at peace, and empowered, such as people, animals other beings, places, activities, songs, scents and more.
2. Consider and make note of the things that most prevent you from feeling empowered, such as people, situations, feelings, memories, beliefs or ?

For more information: 509-630-2096

Liz is a student of the Laws of Reality and is fascinated by the convergence of biology, psychology, and spirituality within the realm of Life Energy. She offers a weekly guided meditation, “Invitation to Surrender”, in Chelan.


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Liz’s passion and compassion can open new doors ~ Jeanne

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Friday at 1:30