How Can I Break the Cycle of Suffering in My Life
2 Hour Class


Fletcher Ellingson
Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce / Downstairs / 216 E Woodin

Discover what is responsible for the suffering in any area of  your life, be it finances, health, or relationships. Learn the secret to thriving and experiencing life as beauty.

This course is designed to reveal what is really running your life. During it you will:

Identify the three forces that weigh in on your decision making.

Identify the force that create the filters through which you view life.

Learn how to harness these forces to work for you instead of against you.

Discover how to identify dis-empowering belief systems, collapse them and build belief systems that serve your life.

Learn how to turn off the auto pilot and begin making decisions from a place of awareness and freedom.

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Let Fletcher use his knowledge and compassion to help you move forward ~ Jeanne

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Friday at 12:30