Integrative Healing Touch
90 Min. Session


Jill Milner
Wellness Garden / Yellow House / 2205 W Woodin

Who can this help? All ages, anyone with a desire for improved wellness. Jill has worked especially with persons with chronic conditions, disability and emotional concerns, from children to elderly, as well as pets. She particularly welcomes clients who are new to energy techniques, who desire help working with their medical providers, or who have religious boundaries she is prepared to incorporate and respect. You may bring an associate to observe and participate. (A parent is required for children.)

If able, the Healing Touch is provided on a massage table with pillows and pads for comfort, but treatment in a chair can be adapted if needed. You will be fully clothed and treatment can be hands on or slightly off the body if direct touch is not desired. Jill’s approach is simple, without special devices. You will learn at least one technique you can take with you to facilitate further healing at home. Clients report, at the least, a sense of relaxation and well-being after the session.

Health ReCreation: Jill Milner is an RN Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. Jill combines her knowledge and skills as a Healing Touch nationally certified practitioner, clinical nurse specialist in rehabilitation, and local RN care manager to facilitate wellness and healing. The session will begin with a confidential interview to determine your intentions, preferences and concerns so that the session can be customized to your needs.

For more information:
509 881-7133

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Jill will be a powerful, empowering, caring ally in your well-being ~ Jeanne

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