September 7
Get Insights About Your Blocks
15 Min. Session


Gentle, fascinating, and connected to your personal spirit, this session will give you clarity. You will see what’s blocking you from a different perspective. Then you’ll get insights that will empower you to move past them and create the future you want.

“Jeanne has an uncanny ability to help people see more clearly what is happening to them. She hits the nail on the head every time. She’s so caring about each person’s journey.” SK

Jeanne McElvaney is the author of:

Light in the Shadows  ~ a novel that “Opens the reader to transforming their feelings and thoughts in a new dimension.” MPS
Ignite Changes Using Energy ~ a self-help book that empowers you to release old thinking and embrace the ‘magical’ feeling of working with the energy field.
Both available at Spirals.

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