Vision Mapping
2 Hour Class


Laura Folsom
Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce / Downstairs / 216 E Woodin

Experience the joy and empowerment of connecting deeply to your current desires. This Vision Mapping class is a new twist on the vision board. Incorporating energizing exercises with breath and movement, guided meditation, and your favorite deck of Oracle or Tarot cards, Laura will help you create a colorful wheel of insights and action.

Laura will provide the wheel.

Your homework… you will be using these points when filling your boards:
Know your dreams, what you want, what you need, what you dream.
Know your theme, a theme for the year, number one goal for this fantastic year.
Know your team, know the people who help you achieve your goals.

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Laura makes this fun, empowering, and insightful as she helps you focus on what you want ~ Jeanne

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Friday at 10:00