What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?
45 Min. Class


Joan Brownfield
Spirals / 215 E Woodin

Experience a Metabolic Scan: Intuitively tap into factors that contribute to metabolism imbalances that will point out potential issues. Get an overview of what your body is trying to tell you.

Get insights about your Epigentic Clock, your Microbiome, how your hormones are communicating with your cells.

Explore the connection between your weight and metabolism:

Unlock the doors that defy weight loss. Find out why research shows that the more you diet the harder it is to lose weight. Learn why fat cells are needed for a healthy body and mind.

Get a new perspective on your well-being. You may find that your body/mind is directing you to discover other issues beyond your current symptoms.

For more information: 509-682-4431

Certified Body Talk CBP, PsychoSomatic Energy PSE, and Spiritual PhytoEssence SPE Practitioner



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With heart and passion, Joan will fill this time with empowering information ~ Jeanne

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Friday at 3:30