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Surrender Invites New Possibilities / Part 3

Someone had done some beautiful collage. May could see the work had elements she'd never explored in her own work. She was trying to figure out how those steps were done when Carol started telling her about Serena's collage class. May turned her attention to the...

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Finding the Shine in Her Life / Part 1

The new year was moving forward with time wrapped around her ankles. She was caught in what was familiar, but no longer satisfying. Others would look at her and exclaim, “Look what you've done! Look at what you do!” They would point out the good and wonderful she had...

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How Do I Know If It’s Intuition

Intuition is a little bit like sexy... we tend to think others have it and we don't. And yet, it's right there. With a change in our awareness, we can make that magical feeling part of our personal power. Dedee and I explored how to make our wispy 6th sense more...

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